Quote 6

“Phil joined our synagogue at the same time I started my job. Shortly thereafter, Phil came to me and asked if he could have a chance to earn our business. That was seven years ago, and I haven’t looked back since.”

“Phil handles all our business insurance — from liability, Directors and Officers, to property — all under an umbrella policy.

“We had a tree fall on one of our buildings, and Phil was my first call. I have his number memorized. He said, ‘Start taking pictures. I’m on the way.’

“Obviously, if you’re seeing Phil, some crisis has happened. Phil is so reassuring and calm, he makes sure you have everything properly documented, and that you get back everything you’re insured for.

“Phil is hands on all the way. He saw to it that the claim went through quickly, and our building was repaired in three weeks! We have never had a repair done so quickly.

“I recommend Phil to all the local synagogues and JCC. I tell everyone, Phil will take care of you like you’re his own family, and he does. If you want a great local agent, Phil is with you all the way in a crisis.

“What I love about Phil is that you can call him on his cell phone anytime, and he will take your call. If he’s in a meeting he won’t pick up, giving that client his full attention, but he’ll call you back asap and ask how he can help. I can’t imagine ever having another agent.”