Quote 5

“I’ve known Phil Wolf for a long time, but it wasn’t until I started working at Meals on Wheels that I started working with him. He’s been our agent for the last four years. Phil helps us with all our insurance from Business and Personal, Directors and Officers to Auto. When I first called him in, I asked him to look over our insurance and help me get everything cleaned up. It turned out that we had two different liability policies and were missing many other important policies like Directors and Officers.”

“Shortly after we started working together, our building was flooded from a terrible storm. I called Phil right away. Unfortunately, we weren’t covered for this, but Phil came out right away and told me who to call for help pumping out the water and getting fans brought in. Even though it wasn’t Phil’s problem, he stayed with me till the crisis was over.”

“Over the past four years, I have happily recommended Phil many times to other business, and most of the people who work here for Meals on Wheels use Phil for their personal insurance. Phil takes his time to explain your policies in simple and clear ways that make you feel like you’re making a personal decision, rather than him talking over your head and just telling you what to do. Anyone who knows Phil knows he goes the extra mile for his customers. He’s always glad to help you navigate forms to be filled out, and it’s clear he knows his business and is someone you can trust.”