Quote 4

“Five years ago, while I was at community event, I meet Phil Wolf. He was very pleasant and easy to talk to. It turned out, I needed to get my insurance updated, and I was looking for a better rate on my various policies. Nonprofits have very little money and lots of constraints. Phil helped us with our individual, health and dental insurance, and our facility, auto, Directors and Officers, and workers comp. He was really patient with all of our issues and concerns. He helped us meet the needs of our staff, as well as the strict requirements of a nonprofit organization.”

“What I liked most about Phil was that he gave me many options and explained why each might benefit us, with all the pluses and minuses. I felt like I really could make a smart decision for our organization. And whenever I needed help or information on the fly, Phil or someone else on staff always gets back to me quickly. The whole staff is fabulous!”

“I would recommend Phil to everyone, but I always make a point of telling other nonprofits about him. He can really help you make sense of your budget and work out rates that meet all your mandates. Plus I really feel he’s very supportive of our community, and that’s important to me.”

“I brought Phil in five years ago to compare rates with the company we were working with. We switched over to Phil, because of the knowledge he shared and willingness to deal with our budget and mandates. I stay with Phil because of the relationship he has with our team and the Durham Crisis Response Center.”