Quote 1

“On our 75th anniversary, we took some of the silver melted down from old film and minted Strawbridge Studios coins,” Ken said. “On one side we included a quote my grandfather often repeated, which is: Honest value never fails.

“That is the motto by which we have successfully operated our business for years, and I believe it is the way Brett works as well.”

“Brett Roberts has been our insurance agent for over a dozen years. During all that time, I don’t think we have ever been unsatisfied with the service we have received from him.”

“Brett doesn’t leave any stone unturned. During all the changes with the Affordable Healthcare Act, he kept us ahead of the curve — let us know all the ins and outs, stayed in contact regularly, was always quick to respond to calls or emails and made the whole process a lot easier to understand.”

Shannon echoed that saying, “Brett surrounds himself with really good people. He never tries to talk us into anything. He always makes sure to do what’s best for us, rather than being concerned about what may benefit him the most. That’s refreshing these days.”