• “Brett’s not much of a golfer, but he makes up for it with customer service,” said Karl Kimball, PGA Professional and Director of Golf at Hillandale Golf Course in Durham.

    “I’ve been working with Brett Roberts as our company benefit provider for six years now. With Amerazil Golf LLC taking over as the operating company in late 2011, for The City of Durham, Brett was heavily involved in assisting us with understanding the costs and various insurance packages for our employees. His level of customer service is extremely high, and he has always made himself available to us as our needs changed.”

    “Without question, Brett is extremely helpful in making it easy for us to understand the impact a specific benefit has, not only on our company, but importantly for our employees. I would recommend Brett for any type of insurance an individual or company may need immediately or in the future.”


    - PGA — CEM


  • “Five years ago, while I was at community event, I meet Phil Wolf. He was very pleasant and easy to talk to. It turned out, I needed to get my insurance updated, and I was looking for a better rate on my various policies. Nonprofits have very little money and lots of constraints. Phil helped us with our individual, health and dental insurance, and our facility, auto, Directors and Officers, and workers comp. He was really patient with all of our issues and concerns. He helped us meet the needs of our staff, as well as the strict requirements of a nonprofit organization.”

    “What I liked most about Phil was that he gave me many options and explained why each might benefit us, with all the pluses and minuses. I felt like I really could make a smart decision for our organization. And whenever I needed help or information on the fly, Phil or someone else on staff always gets back to me quickly. The whole staff is fabulous!”

    “I would recommend Phil to everyone, but I always make a point of telling other nonprofits about him. He can really help you make sense of your budget and work out rates that meet all your mandates. Plus I really feel he’s very supportive of our community, and that’s important to me.”

    “I brought Phil in five years ago to compare rates with the company we were working with. We switched over to Phil, because of the knowledge he shared and willingness to deal with our budget and mandates. I stay with Phil because of the relationship he has with our team and the Durham Crisis Response Center.”




  • “I’ve known Phil Wolf for a long time, but it wasn’t until I started working at Meals on Wheels that I started working with him. He’s been our agent for the last four years. Phil helps us with all our insurance from Business and Personal, Directors and Officers to Auto. When I first called him in, I asked him to look over our insurance and help me get everything cleaned up. It turned out that we had two different liability policies and were missing many other important policies like Directors and Officers.”

    “Shortly after we started working together, our building was flooded from a terrible storm. I called Phil right away. Unfortunately, we weren’t covered for this, but Phil came out right away and told me who to call for help pumping out the water and getting fans brought in. Even though it wasn’t Phil’s problem, he stayed with me till the crisis was over.”

    “Over the past four years, I have happily recommended Phil many times to other business, and most of the people who work here for Meals on Wheels use Phil for their personal insurance. Phil takes his time to explain your policies in simple and clear ways that make you feel like you’re making a personal decision, rather than him talking over your head and just telling you what to do. Anyone who knows Phil knows he goes the extra mile for his customers. He’s always glad to help you navigate forms to be filled out, and it’s clear he knows his business and is someone you can trust.”




  • “Phil joined our synagogue at the same time I started my job. Shortly thereafter, Phil came to me and asked if he could have a chance to earn our business. That was seven years ago, and I haven’t looked back since.”

    “Phil handles all our business insurance — from liability, Directors and Officers, to property — all under an umbrella policy.

    “We had a tree fall on one of our buildings, and Phil was my first call. I have his number memorized. He said, ‘Start taking pictures. I’m on the way.’

    “Obviously, if you’re seeing Phil, some crisis has happened. Phil is so reassuring and calm, he makes sure you have everything properly documented, and that you get back everything you’re insured for.

    “Phil is hands on all the way. He saw to it that the claim went through quickly, and our building was repaired in three weeks! We have never had a repair done so quickly.

    “I recommend Phil to all the local synagogues and JCC. I tell everyone, Phil will take care of you like you’re his own family, and he does. If you want a great local agent, Phil is with you all the way in a crisis.

    “What I love about Phil is that you can call him on his cell phone anytime, and he will take your call. If he’s in a meeting he won’t pick up, giving that client his full attention, but he’ll call you back asap and ask how he can help. I can’t imagine ever having another agent.”




  • “On our 75th anniversary, we took some of the silver melted down from old film and minted Strawbridge Studios coins,” Ken said. “On one side we included a quote my grandfather often repeated, which is: Honest value never fails.

    “That is the motto by which we have successfully operated our business for years, and I believe it is the way Brett works as well.”

    “Brett Roberts has been our insurance agent for over a dozen years. During all that time, I don’t think we have ever been unsatisfied with the service we have received from him.”

    “Brett doesn’t leave any stone unturned. During all the changes with the Affordable Healthcare Act, he kept us ahead of the curve — let us know all the ins and outs, stayed in contact regularly, was always quick to respond to calls or emails and made the whole process a lot easier to understand.”

    Shannon echoed that saying, “Brett surrounds himself with really good people. He never tries to talk us into anything. He always makes sure to do what’s best for us, rather than being concerned about what may benefit him the most. That’s refreshing these days.”



  • “You guys make my life a lot easier by knowing my small business insurance needs. Looking forward to be working with the whole Insurance Center of Durham team for a very long time.”

    MATT J.