Insurance for Smart People

You already know that any insurance policy is protection from the unexpected — a car accident, a major health problem, damage to your home or business, and even that other inevitable thing in life that’s not taxes.

Our goal is to review your insurance options compared to your current and future lifestyle. We’ll talk with you about what you’re doing now to protect that lifestyle, as well as what you may need to do.

Then, we let you make an informed, intelligent decision. You’re fully capable of that.


Insurance Center of Durham is a Trusted Choice Advisor. We have memberships with the Durham Chamber of Commerce, Independent Insurance Agents of NC, and the Homebuilders Association of Durham and Orange Counties.

We’ve been helping people in Durham and the Triangle find the best insurance plans for their needs for over 30 years. Odds are we’ve worked with one or more of your friends or neighbors. Because they’re smart folks.

We’re sure you are, too.


Photo credit: Dan Hacker Photography and Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau

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