tips to protect your collections

You've put considerable time, money and effort into building your collection, and you want to preserve the condition of the special items you've acquired. Care for your collection and:

  • maintain a current detailed inventory. Include photographs to document the condition of each item and store updated documentation in a secure, secondary location such as a safe deposit box. Be sure to list the artist or maker, title, date, type of object, materials used, value and any inscriptions or markings on each object.

  • install a centrally monitored fire and burglar alarm system.

  • store art work or other valuable objects in places other than your basement or attic. These areas of your home are vulnerable to flooding, leaks and dramatic temperature changes.

  • do not hang objects behind doors, in narrow hallways or in close proximity to furniture or shelving. Avoid hanging artwork or other valuable objects near working fireplaces or other heat sources.

  • display fragile objects behind glass or secured to surfaces by nondamaging adhesives or mounts.

  • fasten in place any shelves in display cases and anchor display cases properly to the wall.

  • keep artwork out of direct sunlight to avoid ultraviolet damage.

  • maintain a controlled house temperature and humidity level to prevent damage.

  • hire a professional art handler for packing, shipping and installation. 

For your protection, coverage cannot be bound or changed via voice mail, email, fax, or online via the agency's website, and is not effective until confirmed directly with a licensed agent.

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