Brett on Codruta

Brett + Codruta Roberts, Insurance Center of Durham

Brett + Codruta Roberts, Insurance Center of Durham

There are a few things I’d like to share with you about my wife, Stela’s mom and my business partner.

Codruta is fun-loving, intelligent, ideological, strong-willed, quick-witted and occasionally sarcastic. She makes friends easily, and from my perspective, they trust her, as many of them call for advice. Codruta is outgoing but not overbearing, genuinely friendly and not fake. She will not sacrifice her values to get along with others.



 In a work environment, she strives for excellence — good enough will not do. She holds herself and others to this standard. She relates well with customers and enjoys being a trusted advisor.

In our personal lives, these same traits can be a blessing and a burden. As a mother and wife, she is not quite a “Tiger Mom,” but she bears most of the burden for raising Stela. And me. With Stela she is patient, caring and nurturing, which isn’t always easy, as Stela shares some of the same traits with her mother. Codruta is always willing to get down on Stela’s level to play with dolls or imaginary creatures, paint or dance. She’ll often say, “We can’t let her just grow like a weed."

Living with a perfectionist can be a challenge, and sometimes I don’t always feel up to the challenge. As a person I have grown a tremendous amount during our marriage. I know it sounds like a cliché, but I am a better person having Codruta in my life.


Photo credit: Hamilton Creative Photography

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