Codruta on Brett

Brett + Codruta Roberts, Insurance Center of Durham

Brett + Codruta Roberts, Insurance Center of Durham

I’d like you to know a little about my business partner, who also happens to be my husband.

Trying to talk about Brett as a professional, I only have good things that come to mind. He is the most reliable person I have ever met, and he’s always looking out for a person’s best interest. I’ve learned a lot from him, when it comes to working with people. The words “in time” and “proactive” were truly demonstrated to me by his attitude toward his work. He will always get over the small differences and see the big picture, when it comes to dealing with people. 

One of his best traits is his constant positive, happy attitude. It’s almost annoying sometimes, but it’s usually contagious. Before I met Brett, I thought that workaholics were only in the movies, but he has not taken more than a straight week off in over 20 years! That’s just hard for me to understand, but he loves his work. 

Brett is someone that you would immediately trust and like. He can talk to anyone and start a conversation out of nowhere.



Brett was my best friend even before I married him. I can always open up, and never feel judged with him. He can listen to my long tirades about girlfriends, family or work and never lose interest. And most of all, he can always show me another point of view and help me make good decisions.

I am more confident, more successful as a professional and as a parent because of him.

During the most difficult time of my life, when my mother was taken by cancer, I chose to go back to Romania and be with her and my family for over five months. Brett was my rock! He stayed here, took care of the household, my life here, the bills and never made me feel like that was a burden. I am sure he missed me. All the time I was there, he supported me and my family, and he sent me cards to cheer me up, and remembered all the anniversaries and celebrations and tried to make me feel better by sending me little thoughtful gifts. Being so long apart with me going through a very difficult time only got us closer together.

I tend to get focused on small stuff, and Brett is the best about taking me out of that zone. He is a great father for his daughter, Ruthie, and our daughter, Stela and I am glad that we are on this journey together. He always jokes about being the “nice parent”, but it is true.

We are different in many ways, but share the same values and have the same thoughts. The two of us together combine our skills, knowledge and experiences, along with our passionate personalities, and we make a powerful couple!



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